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Current_Status In the summer of 2007, I began my search for a small roadster. A lot of options out there: BMW Z3, Z4, Porshe Boxster, Honda S2000 and Miata. Trying to find something different than the norm, began looking for old classics. Drove a Spitfire, MG, Ghia, Sunbeam and Fiat Spider. All looked very nice but only one had the style and design I was looking for. Many Fiat 124s available in the $700-$10,000 range but all were in really bad condition or already fully restored. I needed a good balance of sound mechanics, restorable surface rust and half-way restoration so I could add my own customization. Finally, I found an ad on Craigslist that fit all my requirements. Search was over, time to get to work. This is the story of that car...

Top right: (7/1) Took out the ignition and cleaned out all connnectors.